Formal And Business Wear A New Fashion Trend In India

Park Avenue has recently launched its new collection of business wear especially designed for men. And it is crafted with exquisite perfection. The material used is very posh and luxurious which gives an amazing to touch. Due to the Indian weather, it is given a touch of warmth that allows it to be used in any season making it season friendly. The price which is set starts from 5,000INR and goes up to 50,000INR according to material, style, design etc.

My team also visited other rivals such as Van Heusen, Louis Philippe among others. The competition is fierce and tough. Every company is providing the best quality material and designs. Other than ready-made suiting, people are also attracted towards self-tailored suiting by brands like Raymond. They claim to be having the finest quality material that is 100% natural.

Being a Raymond customer from a long period time, they have always been the king in Formal Wear market and as ready-made clothing can be unfitting sometimes, people like self-tailored suits.

Also in the market, a new type of ready-made formal suiting especially designed for winters. The cloth used is a mix of cotton and wool that makes it light weight and warm at the same time. Apart from that, unlike old times when winter clothing used to be of a specific color without any gradient, this collection includes different bright colors along with beautiful gradient shades of red, blue, green, etc.


The trend in India changes according to movies. So, the e-commerce websites have launched clothing designed for actors and directors. After a fine and laudable work from Karan Johar, there is a new face in the market, the beautiful daughter of Bhatt Family, Alia Bhatt, her new collection inspired from her shopping trends and choices has recently launched on The war is tough this year around and we will expect greater things from the companies in the time to come.

– Ankur Bagai