Fashion As A Part Of Daily Life For Every Man

As the saying goes “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”. Fashion is one of the most important aspects of life in today’s world. Along with body language, ways of talking and other like aspects, dressing sense is also seen as a judging factor. Sometimes, a person is an excellent dresser, has amazing command over language and also handsome, but is dressed up shabby; everything else is fades and vanishes.

We have heard many a times, never judge a book by its cover but as a fashion connoisseur, I want to say that sometimes, a book looks best only on the outside. In order to differentiate a boy from a man, simply look at his dressing sense.

As the famous proverb goes ‘Manners Maketh Man’ but I want to add ‘Along With Manners, His Dressing Maketh Man.’ The picture along with the article is eye-catching and everyone must be thinking why this photo? The answer is simple, if this man, being aged, can worry about his looks, about his dressing sense that much then why can’t we take out few minutes to do the same?

In older times, nobility was differentiated on their dressing style. A beggar is differentiated from a rich man on his way of dressing. Even God is differentiated from Satan by his way of dressing. Then, why can’t we take out few minutes of our life to dress up smartly and exquisitely and be different?

Dress what suits you best and choosing the best does not mean wearing expensive clothes but wearing decent clothes. Even a Shirt buckled up with chinos and leather shoes can make a statement. If bright colors suit you best wear them and if dark colors suit you best wear those instead. Dress to impress and not to depress.

– Ankur Bagai